Visit Our Alpaca Farm

alpaca feeding time

If you can't stay the night, visit us for Alpaca Feeding everyday at 2.45pm for $20 per person. BOOK NOW.

Alpacas are gentle, intelligent and hardy animals that are used predominantly for fleece, but are also used as pets, herd minders for sheep, goats and chickens (against foxes and dogs), and for meat and pelt production.

We have approximately 60 alpacas on our property ranging in age from newborn to our eldest girl born in 2003 and still going strong! All our alpacas are for sale, so if you are ready to include a beautiful, toilet trained (yes, alpacas only poo on their poo piles in the paddock), halter trained alpaca in your life, contact us for further information. All our alpacas and goats are used to people and hand fed every day.

We have our Annual Open Farm in May (check back in April to find out the dates).

We have our Annual Shearing Day in November (check back in October to find out the dates).

- visiting alpacas welcome for a fee.
- volunteers appreciated (contact us prior).

We offer wedding alpacas and pre-wedding photos with an alpaca for a fee - contact us.

Our next crias (babies) are due: