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Alpacas for sale

alpaca breeding

At Madison Alpacas, we have been breeding quality alpacas since 2005.  We exhibit and win regularly at shows, both for the fleece and the halter led classes. All our alpacas are halter trained and hand fed every day so are used to people. We ensure that all our alpacas have their toe nails clipped, are vaccinated and drenched for worms prior to leaving our property.


We have quality males available, suitable as stud sires, whether you want colour, density, fineness, length or lustre, we can find the male with the right blood lines and features for you. 

Stud Sires

If you are not ready to purchase your own sire, you can use ours.  Discounts for multiple matings.

Our current sires standing at stud are:

Eden Alpaca Stud Sire

Eden (20/3/2009, medium fawn) – dense, strong crimp, good bundling, has stabilised at under 25 micron. Son of Belbourie Titan who was sold to USA in 2008.

Nero Alpaca Stud Sire

Nero (22/3/2009, true black) – dense, good crimp, good bundling. Has Purrumbete Inti and World Class Ace of Spades in his pedigree.

Ezra Alpaca Stud Sire

Ezra (6/4/2007, white) - tall, able to mate with wide girls, good crimp, good bundling.

Quincy Alpaca Stud Sire

Quincy (9/4/2019, black) - dense, fine, excellent crimp, excellent length, good bundling, gentle to handle.

Apollo Alpaca Stud Sire

Apollo (23/3/2015, fancy) - white alpaca with medium brown “freckles”. Suggested to use over a coloured girl to get a similar effect. Dense, good crimp.


alpaca breeding


Mature females

Most are pregnant or have cria at foot. Our oldest was born in 2003 and still going strong!

Young females

Weaned at 6 months, our girls are available unmated. Colours and whites.

Wethers and wether quality males

Suitable as pets on lifestyle blocks, as lawnmowers and guards for chickens, sheep or goats.

Goats for sale

We have been breeding goats since 2008. We are breeding registered Australian Miniature Goats. From time to time (mainly spring/summer), we have friendly castrated males for sale as pets. Goats have a lot of character and provide hours of fun.

Goats for Sale